Parisian Staples of Style

Parisian women are effortlessly gorgeous.  
That is because Parisian women know how to employ basic fashion staples that are simple yet elegant.  Below are some of the basic Parisian style staples that every woman should own. 

Little Black Dress
Coco Chanel coined the term in 1926, and it has been a fashion staple ever since.  Audrey Hepburn was unforgettable in a Chanel LBD Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Parisian women understand the principle of the Little Black Dress. The LBD is a fashion staple is because it is so versatile. It can go from day to night with nothing more than a well placed sweater or jacket, and a change of accessories.  The LBD is flattering on everyone.  The key is to know you body type and find a LBD (or two) that is flattering on you.
It has been rumored that Parisian spend 20% or more on their undergarments.  Beautiful lingerie makes you feel beautiful from the first layer that touches you skin.   

For inspiration from French lingerie designers visit: 

Trench Coat
Basic black or simple neutral, a trench coat is a Parisian woman's style staple.  A trench coat adds sophistication to any outfit.  That is me in the black trench coat on the streets of Paris.  

Parisian women know that when  selecting pieces, to go for quality not quantity.  These pieces are meant to be style staples, and should be classic, and not necessarily trendy. 


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