My Perfect Winter Outfit

Source: Victoria's Secret Catalog

Even in sunny Florida it turns cold.  I know my northern friends may be snickering right now, but it is cold to us down here in the sunshine state!  

With that in mind, I put together a great outfit to brave this winter weather, and it will even work up north!  And if my boyfriend is reading this blog… (hint hint).

I love this sweater dress from the  Victoria’s Secret catalog.  It comes in white, black, grey, and plum, but the blue is my choice.  At 5 foot 2 (without heels), white may make me look like a little snowman, and I don't think that would be a good look for me.  Picture it with some black boots, and it is warm and cozy all day, not to mention beautiful and stylish also.

Speaking of boots, I have never met a pair of Steve Madden’s that I didn’t like.  (Well maybe when he tried to venture into Ugg-ville, but I am the forgiving type, so I will let that go.)  As my closet will attest, Steve Madden is my go-to guy for shoes and boots, and his designs are at a price point that won’t make me cringe when I think about how much I paid.  These boots even have a name, Calgarry.   Love the high heel, platform, and the black suede. They also go over the knee, which is perfect to wear with a dress.  But a word of caution, when  wearing over-the-knee boots with pants tucked in, go with a tunic or dress, anything else may make you look like you moonlight at a job that involves a pole (if you get my drift).

To complete this outfit, I need the perfect bag.  I have always been a fan a Kenneth Cole accessories.  Well, usually because I can find them at Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory for a fraction of their original price, but I digress.  I love the little hobo bag by Kenneth Cole, and it can be found at Nordstroms. And yes, it's Nordstroms, and (gulp) it is at full price.  

Merry Christmas and happy shopping everybody!  Remember, it is the season of giving, but don’t forget to reward yourself this season with a fabulous new outfit!  

To find these pieces online, here are the links:

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