New Trend in Christmas Gifting?

The economy has been a little unpredictable for the past few years, and everybody has been more budget conscious.  I have noticed a new trend in gift-giving this year... making your own gifts.  I am not talking about some cheesey, lopsided, knick-knack that only a mother could love.  I am talking about useful, thoughtful, indulgent items. 

For instance, I like to make candles, especially in the winter when I can get warm standing by the stove.  I wrap the candles up and give them away as gifts to friends at Christmas.  My Bff loves the store "Lush", and she decided to try her had at making soap this year.  A lady I work makes handmade Christmas ornaments.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you plan to make any Christmas presents this year?


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