Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

What girl doesn't love diamonds? I received these Flame Shaped Diamond Hoop Earrings last week from Anjolee and was thrilled when I opened up the box. I had been anxiously awaiting their arrival and didn't waste much time trying them on. When I put them on, I was surprised at how light they were. I couldn't even tell that I had something on.

If you haven't heard of Anjolee, then you have to check out their website. The online jewelry retailer has the most incredible pieces. If you are like me and like to do a lot of online shopping, then their website will be perfect for you. You can customize just about anything! You can select a design you like, pick the type of metal you want, and select the type of diamond you want right down to the carat and quality. Not too bad if you ask me!

Here are just a few examples of pieces that I am loving right now:

  • The tennis bracelets are gorgeous! Who knew that you could get so many different designs in just a tennis bracelet? They are all so gorgeous but I think the Timeless Dreams tennis bracelet is my favorite of the bunch.

  • You can't go wrong with my favorite earrings, hoops!. Adding diamonds is just the icing on the cake!

  • What girl doesn't want (or need?) a pair of diamond stud earrings? They are a classic piece that will never go out of style.

I know Christmas isn't for another five months but it is never too early to make your wish list!

Be looking for these gorgeous gems in upcoming outfit posts! (Like tomorrow.) I hope you guys have a great day.


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