Smooth, Shiny Hair

Smooth and Straight
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I got my hair cut about two weeks ago and my stylist did a fabulous blowout before I left. I rarely wear my hair straight (really because popping hot rollers in is so much easier) but will probably wear it this way a little more often now.

When I wear my hair straight, it is super important that I take all of the necessary steps to keep body in my hair (see this post for tips). Who wants flat, lifeless hair? One of the things that I do differently is add a tiny bit of Moroccan Argan oil to my damp hair for a bit of extra shine. If you are worried about putting oil in your hair, don't be. All you need is a dime-size amount. Just rub your hands together and massage into your ends. Stay away from the roots of your hair... Nobody needs unnecessary shine at their roots! I noticed a big difference in the shine and softness in my hair after using the oil the first time.  

Also, using a flat iron brush to blow dry your hair is so much better for your hair than a regular flat iron. You aren't putting so much concentrated heat on your hair and you can control the brush better than a round brush. 

Of course I always finish with just a tiny spritz of hair spray for a little hold and control. Not much is needed at all.

I hope you guys have a great day. I am spending the day with my mom, who is visiting all the way from Virginia. A little cooking, a little wine, and a lot of talking and laughing are sure to happen!


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