Not What it Seems...

F21 maxi dress, top, and jewelry, Michael Kors bag, Steve Madden sandals,

I've had this maxi dress (yes, it is a maxi dress) for the past few months but haven't really known how to wear it. I could have worn it as is but somehow it reminded me of a maternity dress. Not that there is anything wrong with maternity wear but since I have been pregnant twice, I am trying to steer clear of anything resembling such clothing. 

I tried it on with jackets, shirts, and blazers and still nothing looked right. Before throwing up my hands in exasperation, I decided to try one last thing. Throwing a shirt over the maxi dress and pulling the skirt up to shorten it turned this plain maxi into a fun outfit.

I might just have to see how many different outfits I can create with this trick... Have a great day!


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