Pick Your Perfect Shade

When it comes to choosing a lip color, I am opting for darker colors that feel more fall-appropriate. I have a bag of nearly twenty different lipsticks so when I am deciding on a color for the day, sometimes the choices are overwhelming. I decided to pull out all of my darker colors and put them together so I could see all of my choices. If you are like me and have several shades to choose from, this is a good method for picking your shade of the day. I took it a step further and smudged a bit on a tissue so I could visualize the shade a bit better.

Sometimes lipstick looks different when applied to a surface than it does straight from the tube.

When I do my nails at night, I always line up my polishes before picking my shade. I have to keep my polishes locked away in a cabinet (I have kids) so I constantly forget what I have. Lining them up is a great way to see what you have and to pick your perfect shade.

How do you pick your perfect shade?


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