RetailMeNot Spring Fashion Challenge

I was thrilled when RetailMeNot contacted me and asked if I would like to participate in their Spring Fashion Challenge. If you have not heard of this website, you best click here right away before you make any more purchases. This website is updated daily with coupon codes and discount alerts from some of the best online and in-store retailers. 

They were kind enough to provide me with a one hundred dollar budget for this fashion challenge and I quickly saw that I was going to have a blast. Using the coupon codes and discount alerts, I was able to save more than what I would normally save if I had been shopping without their aid.

Necklace c/o Lilac Bijoux, F21 bracelets (not included in purchases for this challenge)

I'm pretty proud of myself for scoring this outfit for under $100 with extra cash to spare:

Total spent - $85.97
Total saved - $75.96

If you are tech savvy, make sure you download the RetailMeNot app. I consulted the app before making any of these purchases. It is so handy to have coupon codes and sale alerts right there on your phone! I will never make an online or in-store purchase again without consulting this app.

You can also sign up for their coupon newsletter (here) if you are too busy to manually search for coupons each day. They will email you with the top weekly coupon codes, eliminating any work on your part.

Find out more about the Spring Fashion Challenge on the Real Deal (here)! Have a great day!

* Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot but all opinions are my own.


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