Keeping It Casual - 4 (Link Up)

F21 sweater, blouse, earrings, and bangles, LOFT jeans, Steve Madden clutch, Shoedazzle heels (here), sunglasses (here)

I can't say that we have too many cold days in the South but it was bone-chilling cold the day we took these pictures. What made it worse was the constant wind. I think this was the fastest we have ever taken pictures. So I have respect for all of you up North who have made it through the winter looking fabulous!!

This blouse has been sitting in my closet for several months now and I have only worn it once. I try and wear things in my closet more than once. It just seems like a waste to not have at least three or four different ways to wear something. Of course, this sweater was hanging a mere two feet away from it for all this time and I finally noticed that it would be perfect. Do you ever do that? I've actually put together a few outfits lately with pieces that have been hanging in my closet for ages. Why does it take me so long to figure out that they go together?

I realize that heels may not be considered 'casual' but this is a laid-back look for me. And since I'm officially obsessed with these shoes, I thought I would wear them yet again. If you don't have any white heels yet, now is the time to get some! I love mine but I wouldn't mind having these as well...

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