Maternity Stripes

ASOS dress (here), F21 jacket (here) and clutch (here), BCBG heels (here), Old Navy sunglasses, belt via TJ Maxx

I can't tell you guys how much I needed that blog break last week. I feel like my life has become so consumed lately with this blog and it was nice to be able to not think about it for a week. I have had a few changes in my life lately and it has made me question my ability to keep up with this blog. It has almost become a chore. Something that I feel like I "have" to do and get annoyed when I have to do a post. Did I miss blogging last week? Not one bit. Am I ready to quit? I don't know. 

Thinking about the new baby coming makes me question whether I will have the time and energy to pour into this blog. With three children that need my attention, I wonder if I will have time. What do I get out of blogging? I don't really know. So with that being said, it makes it hard to want to continue when I'm not really sure what I get out of it. Yes, I have met some great women and I am totally grateful for that. Blogging has also helped me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things so I am grateful for that as well. 

I have also decided to become certified to teach Pilates. It is something that I have gone back and forth about for the past five years and have finally decided to do it. It is something that will take less effort than blogging (and pay really darn well) and will not take up nearly as much time. 

So with all this being said, I'm not throwing in the towel, just backing off a little. You can definitely expect less posts from me and a little less consistently. I don't want to feel tied down to this blog anymore. Thanks for sticking around through this transition in my life!

Have a great day!


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