ASOS maternity dress, BCBG flats, F21 clutch

Well, these aren't the best pictures I've ever taken, but I guess it's better than nothing. I grabbed my nice camera Sunday before church and checked to make sure that it was charged (it was). However, once we finally got around to taking pictures, the battery was dead. I almost just told my husband to forget it until I remembered we could use his phone. So there you have it; pictures on a rainy day with an iPhone.

I'm almost at the halfway point with this baby! It's definitely getting harder to do simple things but thankfully my boys are pretty capable and I can rely on them to feed themselves, dress themselves, and clean up. Pilates is going well - I had my first 'teaching' experience on Saturday. I gave my husband a lesson and he did really well. Once I practice on a few of my friends and family, I will feel more confident about taking on a client for a private lesson.

It's another busy week for us! I have training and have to start making up six dances for the upcoming Christmas show. Hope you guys have a great day!


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