Good Eats

I know this is somewhat (okay A LOT) out of the realm of what I normally blog about, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm pregnant and obsessed with food. I think I've already surpassed the total weight gain that I gained with my first two pregnancies and I still have 16 weeks to go. But, I figure, take advantage of all the yummy pinterest recipes out there now and I can get my butt in shape the first of April.

The first recipe isn't bad, it's just a beef stew:

Photo and recipe here

Sometimes recipes on pinterest can be hit or miss but this one was a total winner. I even got my picky four year old to eat the whole bowl and let me tell you, that kid never eats veggies. Win for this mama.

This next recipe is more on the indulgent side:

Photo and recipe here

Holy smokes, people. This cookies are DELISH. If you love brownies (and who doesn't?) then you better give these a try. I made these last night and forced myself to eat only one. I am going to send some of them to work with my hubby because let's face it, baking a dessert once a week is not good for my thighs. 

Hope you had a great weekend and a great week to come! Follow me on pinterest for more great recipes. 


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