Winter Looks & An Update

With winter finally hitting us full-on (it's been in the 30s!!) I've decided to put together some cute winter looks that I wouldn't mind wearing.

Coat, top, heels, skirt, necklace, tote

I don't think winter is necessarily reserved for darker colors only (although they really are my favorite). I think some pieces from spring can be worn as long as you throw on an appropriate coat and less spring-like shoes. I joked above about it being in the 30s here but that is about as cold as it gets. The outfit above is definitely an appropriate one for a Louisiana winter.

Vest, top, heels, skirt, necklace, bag

This look is more my style. I love anything edgy and the leather vest and heels definitely fit that bill. Normally I would look at a sleeveless plaid shirt and think 'hillbilly' but with the right pieces, this top is chic. The vest and top would also look great with ripped skinny jeans and heels for a more relaxed look.

Things are progressing slowly but surely here. I have 14 more weeks to go and couldn't be more ready for this baby to come. Of course I want the baby to wait until the end, but I'm just getting uncomfortable and impatient. I think being pregnant with baby no. 3 is definitely difficult. I've gotten bigger a lot quicker and have had to deal with people looking shocked when I tell them that I am not due until March 2nd. They usually follow up with, 'Oh wow, I thought you were due in December.' Nope. I'm just big. Thanks for pointing it out.

I've also had a lot more pains this round. I hurt myself the other day doing the splits and pinched some nerve in my back which made my left leg go slightly numb. Other than that, I'm doing great! 

I don't know if I can promise anymore outfit posts until after baby comes. I am no longer able to wear my maternity jeans (they hurt so bad I could cry) so my wardrobe has instantly been limited. I have a few dresses and will try to snap pics of those as I wear them. 

Hope you have a fabulous week!


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