Irresistible Frenchman - Christian Louboutin

I am having a love affair with Christian Louboutin, the shoes not the man.  I first recognized the beauty of Christian Louboutin’s creations when I saw The Proposal with Sandra Bullock.  Who can forget  the scene where Sandra Bullock, in desperate need of a green card, gets on her knees in the middle of a busy street in New York City, and proposes to Ryan Reynolds.  During this scene we had a glimpse of the fabulous shoes Sandra was wearing, the Roloando leather by Christian Louboutin.  The rest of the movie was entertaining, but shoes left a lasting impression on me.

A pair of Christian Louboutin’s can melt credit card of even the most well-heeled fashionista.  This pair retails at Neiman Marcus for $695.  The Rolando is clearly a classic pair of shoes, and a wardrobe investment.  Christian Louboutin, a Paris native has been designing shoes since 1992.

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