A new trend for frugal fashionistas can proudly label themselves frugalistas.  In fact, even saw fit to define a frugalista as “people who keep up with fashion trends without spending a lot of money.”
Here are some ideas for every frugalista:

Audrey Hepburn
Classic never go out of style.

1.  Find a good shoe repair shop.  Shoes are expensive, so why replace when you can repair? 

2.  Shop at second-hand stores and consignment shops.  You never know what sort of treasure you will find. 

3.  Rent a knock-out outfit for your next big event.  Pay a fraction of the cost for gowns and dresses you may only wear once. 

4. Clothes and purse swap with your friends!  Just make sure you return them clean and in good condition, if you want to keep your friends!

5.  Find a good inexpensive seamstress.  You may find something that is a bargain, but not the right size.  A good seamstress can alter it to make it the perfect fit. 

6.  Accessorize!  Creative use of accessories can change the look of an outfit.  Bright scarves can add a pop of color to an all-black ensemble.  Belts, jewelry, shoes can also change the look of an outfit.

7.  Go for quality over quantity.  Good quality classic pieces will last many many seasons.  Don’t try to follow every trend that will be out of style next year. 

Saving money does not mean sacrificing style, with a little creativity you can save money and still be a fashionista.  Therefore I say viva la frugalista!


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