Almost time to go to Paris!

A week and few more days to go before I leave for the romance and style capitol of the world - Paris France!  Très excitant!  The city of lights! (La ville des lumières!) The city of love! (La ville de l'amour!)

Alexander III Bridge in Paris

I have tried to soak up as much advise as I could about the city, the culture, and the language.  I will admit my French is a bit rough, but at least I have a few basics down.  This week is going to have to be my crash course in French.  

If I cannot speak the language very well, at least I will be well dressed.  I have carefully chosen and successfully borrowed (thanks neighbor), simple pieces that I can mix and match.  I am going for casual, yet well dressed.  I plan to do a lot of walking, so flats will be a necessity, although I cannot resist packing at least one or two pairs of heels.  

Since the weather is a little chillier than what a Florida girl is used to, sweaters and leggins will be my staples.  A few simple sweaters and a versatile mid-length trench coat will complete my look.  

This is my plan, and any advise or comments are most certainly welcome.  Please visit this blog next week, as I will be posting pictures and stories from my travels.  

Unitl nous moi encore mes amis!


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