Travel With Style

Travel With Style
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Have you made any summer vacation plans? If so, then this is the post for you! I picked out a few tote bags that would be cute for your airplane carry-on. I like the idea of a tote bag for my carry-on because I am able to stand my magazines and books up in it and they won't bend or fall over. You can just easily slide the bag under the seat in front of you once you get on the plane.

Later your bag can easily be used as a beach bag or even a gym bag. I love an item that can serve multiple purposes.

A Few Travel Must-Haves

Travel Must-Haves
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Here are a few of my travel tips:

1. Pack all of your clothing in a squishy bag (like this) and carry it on. (If I pack in a squishy bag then I am able to put it and my small personal item under the seat in front of me. I hate fighting for room in the overhead compartment.) I pack all of my clothing (not including my shoes) and carry it on with me every time. I would rather get to my destination and risk losing my checked toiletries than my checked clothing bag. You can always buy more make-up and skin care. Can you really replace that awesome pair of jeans?

2.  Do anything you can to maximize your packing space. (See picture above.) I pack a fold-up tooth brush and I save a tiny bit of room for something else equally as important.

3. Leave the nail polish at home. Pack some funky stick on nail art instead. You won't have to worry about your polish bottles leaking or breaking in your bag.

4. Check out your local retailers for travel size items. The Target in my town has a whole section devoted to travel size items. I usually stock up on mini shave gels, stain sticks, hair spray, etc., before I go on a trip.

5. Wear your biggest pair of shoes and pack the rest. I always wear the clunkiest pair of shoes possible so that I can save room in my bags for more shoes.

6. Get a color passport cover. Although this is not necessary at all, it is nice to have a passport cover in a vibrant shade that you can quickly spot in your purse. 

I hope you guys have a fantastic day!


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