Chilling Out, Maxing...

F21 dress, unknown tshirt, sandals, and necklace, Charming Charlie cuff, Tobi glasses

Oh Forever 21, how I love thee...I don't know if I should be shopping at a store called 'Forever 21' when I am in my thirties but they have some awesome stuff! In the midst of tween attire and 'club' wear are many pieces that are cute and age appropriate. Not only are the prices super reasonable, the items are well made too. I have shopped at other retailers (I shall leave them unnamed) and walked out because the pieces were too expensive and made cheaply. (I'm talking seams in shirts that were so uneven, the person had to have been either drunk or cross eyed when they made it.)

If you can guess where this post title came from, then good for you! You are officially cool. Have a great day!


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