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Get the Look
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Did you know that super model Miranda Kerr was born in 1983? When I read that, I was very surprised. Not that she looks old by any means! I just can't believe that she is the same age as my baby sister. I don't know what it is, but the older I get, the more I deny that it is happening. When I was a kid, I wished that I would hurry and grow up, get married, etc. Now suddenly I am grown up and I wonder, "When did that happen?"

This post is really about Miranda Kerr's cool take on a t-shirt and jeans combo...not my coming to terms with aging. Perhaps it is her super long limbs that makes this simple outfit look so chic. Perhaps it is the combination of her sleek ballerina bun and bright red pumps that takes this outfit from basic to chic. Either way, she looks great and I thought I would put together an outfit that you can easily copy.

The first look (left) is the copy cat version of her look. The second look is inspired by her look but is color blocked and more appropriate for summer. Which look do you like? 


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