It's Fall Y'all!

Since it is no longer a hundred degrees, I decided to pull out my fall decor. I have a wreath for spring and for Christmas but realized that I didn't have a fall one just yet. Last week I stopped by Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things to make a fall wreath. It was so easy! It literally consisted of me sticking the floral pieces in the twig wreath. It took thirty minutes and cost under fifty dollars. If you are wanting a wreath, I highly recommend making your own.

One of my favorite things about the months ahead is burning fall-inspired candles. Bath and Body Works has some really great candles if you are looking for some yummy scents. My two favorite fall candles are 'leaves' and 'sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

My absolute favorite part about fall is making pumpkin pie. My husband isn't the biggest fan of pumpkin so I get to eat the whole pie myself. It makes for the perfect mid-morning snack. Make a pot of coffee, grab a slice of pie, and catch up on some reading...Sounds pretty fabulous to me!

I hope you guys have a fabulous Tuesday! 


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