Can't Live Without Them

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I don't really consider myself a beauty junkie but I love a good product every now and then. There are a few products that I came to realize that I would be lost without.

Back in the day (when thin brows were in) I plucked my brows until I had about 3 framing each eye. (My mother warned me against doing so. Why didn't I listen?) I hear about people 'growing their brows out' but mine refuse to do so. (Let's just say I've been growing them for fifteen years and still no progress.) I've tried shadows to enhance my brows and I've tried pencils but have hated the effects of both. I discovered this brow pen by Anastasia and was instantly hooked. It is really for filling in missing gaps of your brows but I use it to draw in what is missing. It is the closest that I have come to having eyebrows again. If you are like me and have over-plucked, then you have to try this brow pen.

I recently received this Anastasia brow gel along with my last brow pen purchase at Ulta. I love the freebies that you get when you make a purchase but I didn't think I would really like the brow gel. Using a brow gel for the first time was very odd. After the gel dried, my brows felt quite stiff. However, after a week of using it, I was hooked. I never realized how disheveled my brows were until I started using this gel. It holds them in place all day, keeping your arch perfect until you wash your face at night. This was definitely one of those items that I never saw myself needing before but after a few weeks of use, I am hooked for life.

I definitely cannot live without this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I really don't know how I ever wore eyeshadow before it. Not only does your shadow stay put all day, it goes on so smoothly and vibrantly with the primer acting as a foundation. I have had a few days where I have felt a little lazy and have skipped the primer. I can tell as soon as I try to apply my shadow. There is no going back once you have tried it!

These are just a few of my favorite beauty products that I absolutely can't live without. What are some of yours?


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