Keeping It Casual - 19 (Link-up)

Love Culture t-shirt and pants, bag via Ross, Zara flats

I stumbled upon a store called Love Culture when I was in Michigan this summer. It reminded me of Forever 21: trendy pieces for good prices. I scored this basic t-shirt for only $7. Do you know how long I have searched for a v-neck t-shirt that wasn't too low or the neckline too wide? I was so excited I got one in white as well. 


One of my sponsors, Susan, over at Charming Lucy is the sweetest gal you will meet. She blogs about fashion, beauty, her latest Etsy finds, and her life. She keeps it real in her posts and has the biggest heart you will find. 

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Susan recently felt the need to start something new and connect with other women. She has spent time managing a business from home and raising her daughter. Now, like probably most of you (and me), she has taken the plunge into the blog world. She puts together cute outfits (see above), has hosted several giveaways so far, has introduced her readers to Etsy store owners (I'm loving this shop and this shop), and has tackled a DIY that turned out so cute (here) that I'm begging her to come do the same one at my house. I hope you will stop by her blog and say hello!
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