Better with Age

Wine isn’t the only thing that gets better with age. Women also get better than age. Believe it. By the time we are in our 40’s we are smarter, sassier, more financially secure, and no longer insecure. We don’t blow off our girlfriends for some cute guy, because we all know, if he is worth it, he will wait. We know which products, colors, and styles work best for us. We have finally found the perfect hairstylist who “gets” us. We are not fashion victims any more, chasing the latest trends, we make trends. We have evolved into fashion icons. Need some convincing? – Check out these photos.

Nobody can deny that Jennifer Aniston has evolved into a fashion icon. In 1990 she was just an unremarkable pretty girl.

Halle Berry proves she can still rock a pink outfit, but her fashion choices are so much more sophisticated now than in 1986.

I don’t even know, nor do I want to know, how old Michelle Pfeiffer is. She was a pretty girl in 1985, but today she is a timeless beauty.

Today she is an international beauty, but Elisabeth Hurley was just a cute girl from United Kingdom in 1991.

Before there was "Sex and the City", there was “Square Pegs”. Sara Jessica Parker has successfully evolved from high school geek in 1985 to fashion icon today.

Today she is a Desperate Housewife, but in 1990 Terry Hatcher just looked desperate.

We can forgive Nicole Kidman for marrying Tom Cruise, but that hair in 1989 is unforgiveable. She is absolutely stunning today, and an Oscar-Winning actress to boot.

I couldn’t resist adding just one man.  Brad Pitt was a cute guy 1987, but today he is a certified hottie.

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