DIY - Magazine Gift Wrap

I've always liked looking at the ads in my fashion magazines. I think there are some pretty interesting ones and I love to see new products from designers.

I always hang on to my magazines for a few months before getting rid of them. Before getting rid of a stack this weekend, I ripped out a few ads and decided to use them in an unusual way.

I started by ripping out ads that shared some of the same colors. All of these pages had some form of bright pink, which I found cheerful.

Next, I laid them out side by side and taped them together using double sided tape. (Since I ripped them from the magazines, I had to trim the edges so they would line up.)

Finally, I just used the newly formed single sheet and just wrapped a box like I normally would:

This was so simple y'all! It was fun and you can save some money by not having to purchase wrapping paper.

I also tried making a bow out of balled up ads:

I decided to wrap a small box in black and white ads as well:

This was such a fun project! I know I will be doing more of these in the future. Hope you guys have a great Tuesday and don't forget to like my facebook page!


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