Shades and Scary Trends

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Two of my favorite colors for spring are white and blue. I love how clean and classic white looks, even when a piece is sporting a row of studs. Blue is just a fun color that is starting to become a neutral in its own right; especially with shoes. 

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As far as bloggers go, I know many of you would wear the white laser cut out heel pictured above and the next day carry the white bag with gold studs. Or even (gasp!) wear them together. I feel like as fashion bloggers, it is our job to wear the latest trends to show the world. Sure, some of you ladies out there I consider a little cooler and braver than myself. Brooke at What 2 Wear is just one of those women who can put together an awesome outfit (Look at this and tell me she is not cool!). The 'cool' girl in me (she is very small and usually squashed by the safe, classic girl) loves and appreciates the girls out there who take fashion blogging to new levels.

Before I get completely off track, I want to point out that I have readers who are not fashion bloggers that might be a little hesitant to try a bag with studs. Before we scoff in disbelief, I think we should remember that maybe at some point we might have been hesitant to try studs, or bright color, or even mixing prints.

I've heard people say that they couldn't "pull something off," but I think it's always best to start small. Any single one of these pieces would be a great starting point to your already-existing wardrobe. Baby steps. When you are comfortable with a new trend, push on to the next thing. 

I will be the first to admit that florals are what I've been scared to try. There, I said it. I'm always afraid that I am going to come off looking like Blanche Devereaux (who was fabulous... in the 80s). But I've decided to be brave and try it. Eek. So you people have to hold me accountable, okay? What trend are you currently wearing or planning to wear that you were scared to try? It's okay to admit it. We are all friends here.

Have a great day!


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