My Favorites from the Chanel Fall 2010 Couture Collection

The Little Black Dress (LBD) made famous by Coco Chanel. I love the signature Chanel quilting in the material of the dress. Short sleeves showing off the arms with a plethora of bracelets.  Simple, yet elegant design.

An modern version of the classic Chanel suite.  A recurring theme in this collection is the shorter sleeves, perfect to show off a plenty of bracelets.  I especially love the rich red color.  Perfect for fall. 

This outfit incorporates a feminine twist on menswear with its fitted styling and simple lines. 

Timeless classic.  This suite reminds be of something Jacqueline Kennedy would wear.  This is the type of suite that you can wear today eventually and pass along to your grandaughter, because it will never go out of style. 

Another timeless classic that is the signature of Chanel.  This, and all of these looks are modernized with the addition of bracelets; however, no other accessories are needed.  Chanel dressing is all about simplicity in elegance. 
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