The Fashion Bibles have Spoken

As I was sitting on the beach with one of my girls, who happens to have the luxury of watching the morning news, mentioned that she saw on the Today show that actresses in their 40’s were becoming more popular as cover girls on fashion magazines. When I think of fashion magazine cover girls, I usually think of some hopelessly pretty 20 year old girl who eats less than 1000 calories in a week. So seriously? A women in her 40’s on the cover of Vogue? I knew I had to google this tidbit of good news just as soon as I got home and washed the sand and sun block off my skin.

Much to my surprise I found the article on In September, Vogue will feature Halle Barry (44) on the cover, Jennifer Aniston (41) will be on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, and Julia Roberts (42) on the cover of Elle. Keep in mind, in magazine world, September is considered the biggest month of the year in terms of ad sales. I know I have more than once spent my hard-earned money on the 5-pound September issue of Vogue. Why? Because I knew it would take days to study every single ad and article to determine exactly what I should be wearing this upcoming fall.

Have these bibles of female fashion taken leave of their senses? A leap of faith? Or do they know exactly what they are doing. Laura Brown, the projects/features director at Harper’s Bazaar finds these women “cool, fashionable, interesting – they have something to say”. Lesley Jane Seymour, the editor of More magazine concurs by saying women in their 40’s have “real style, real staying power, real beauty”. Elle editor-in-chief Robbie Myers agreed when she said “we don’t look at a subject’s age when we decide to put her on the cover”. “It’s a question of a certain kind of chic.”

As you are paging through the huge September issues of the fashion bibles, keep in mind that these editors chose women in their 40’s to grace their covers because they are interesting, have real style, and possess a certain kind of chic. As we all do…

Source: Doree Shafrir,


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