Finally - Day Two of my Paris Adventure

I cannot believe it has taken me a whole month to get through posting my pictures of my first day in Paris.  But here we are - day two!

We had to take a second look at the Hotel de Rohan in the Le Marais district.  As I mentioned in a previous posting, this hotel is actually 4 buildings with a park in the middle, known as the Place des Vosges.

Once known as the Palace Royal, ground was broken in 1605.  The surrounding area, including the park is referrred to as  Park Tournelles.

As you can see, it is another beautiful, sunny day in Paris.  Here I am again posing in front of the fountain in the park.  

And here is my favorite photography subject Jorge, posing in the park.

I am not really sure what the sculpture is, coming out of the ground, but it was worth taking a picture of.  Some sort of restoration work is going on to the building to the right.  Parisians take great care lovingly restoring and preserving their historical buildings.

After our delightful morning walk, we visited a cafe to have breakfast.  It was a wonderful experience to start the morning with a walk and top it off with a breakfast in a cafe with a view of the bustling street.  While we were eating breakfast, we had a lovely couple from Vermont who were also visiting Paris.  

Another beautiful start to a beautiful day in Paris.

Au revoir mes amis!


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