Wonders of the IV Arrondissement – Hotel de Ville

Three different city halls have stood on the sight of the Paris city hall building.    

The first was the House of Pillars (Maison aux Piliers) from 1357 to 1533.  

In 1553 King Francis decided to build a dedicated City Hall, which was completed in 1628.  

However, the original Hotel de Ville was destroyed by fire in 1871 by insurrectionary Communards. 

In 1873, Architects Theodor Ballu and Eduard Deperthes designed the Hotel de Ville in its original Renaissance style.  

The rebuilt Hotel de Ville was completed in 1882. 

In true Parisian style, the Hotel de Ville is situated in a public park with a lovely carousel on the grounds.

Third time is a charm for the Hotel de Ville, this is an amazing place. 

The Hôtel de Ville is in the IV Arroindissement, near the Seine River.  It is near the Centre Pompidou (to the north), and the Notre-Dame Cathedral (to the south) across the pont d'Arcole.

When decided to post my pictures of my Paris on my blog, I wanted to be able to do these pictures a little bit of justice and include some history on the sights I was taking pictures of.  As I do some basic research on that various monuments, I marveling at the history of Paris.  The more research I do, the more I am convinced on visit to Paris is simply not enough!

If you have been following this blog, you know that we stayed in the La Marais district.  La Marias is located on the right back of the Seine River, near the Notre Dame.  From what I gather La Marias is located in the IV Arroindissement.  I am learning as I go….

Au revoir!  Rendez-vous la prochaine fois!

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