Mixed Prints

ASOS top, A.N.A shorts, Old Navy flats, F21 jewelry and clutch

Once upon a time I started this little blog to share my love of fashion with the world. I didn't keep up with it in the beginning as much but have tried to keep up with it the past few months. I have enjoyed challenging myself and coming up with new outfits. I have loved finding other bloggers out there and seeing their style. It has really influenced my style!

However, I have noticed a trend with blogging lately. I love to read other blogs and I only comment when I feel like there is something worth commenting upon. I have noticed in my reading of other blogs (and comments written on mine as well) that there has been the "I would love to follow each other" comment. I see these comments as people who only want to promote their blogs and really don't want to 'follow' people. They just want their numbers to keep cranking up. While it is fun to see a new follower, I don't want people following me just in hopes that I will follow back. Because I just won't. I want people to follow my blog because they like it and not because they hope that I will follow them back because they were nice enough to  'follow' me. 

Have a great day! 


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