Wild Child

Asos top, Victoria's Secret leggings, Guess heels, F21 earrings

I was a pretty wild kid growing up. Not wild in my teenage years, but wild as a child. I remember climbing door frames all the way up to the ceiling. I wanted to create a magic dust (it was cinnamon and sugar) and eat it and jump off the roof of the house; I was convinced it would make me fly. I tried jumping off the bed first to test my theory. Good thing I tested it before I made my way to the roof. 

I also distinctly remember riding my tricycle down the steps on our front porch. That was pretty fun. I was pretty wild but the nickname my dad and brother gave me was 'The Terrorizer'...

What does any of this have to do with my outfit? Oh, the leggings just reminded me of my childhood. That's all.


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