Fall Outerwear

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When it comes to outerwear, I have to admit I am not the biggest fan. Sure, there are pretty coats out there in numerous colors, prints, and cuts, but for me, a blazer is about as 'outerwear' as I get.

Just this weekend, it was 39 degrees as I left the house and I begrudgingly took my cute military style Loft coat with me. I drove down the street about thirty yards and had to stop the car so I could take my coat off. I appreciate my coat when I am outside for the two seconds it takes to get in my car or into a building, but after that, I get too hot and have to shed it.

I still found myself looking at several coats and thinking they were so cute. None of them are practical for me (considering I have worn my coat a grand total of two times in two years). But I know a lot of my readers live in colder climates than I and can probably appreciate a post devoted to cute fall/winter styles.

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The top two blazers are a little more my style for fall and winter. A blazer is the perfect thing to keep me warm. I am still loving bright colors as we head into winter too!

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The two-toned trend is one that has me itching to buy a coat even though I never wear them. I love the idea of a trench coat with leather sleeves or a blazer with sequin sleeves. These may be cute enough to pull me out of my 'no coat' tradition. 

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