Battle of the Styles

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Lately I have been evaluating my wardrobe. I have never been a t-shirt kind of girl. (You know, the regular t-shirts that most of us wear to the store, running, around the house, etc.) It isn't that I have anything against them, I just don't like the way they look on me. So I have been a 'cutesie' t-shirt kind of girl. (See below.)

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These are the types of tops that I used to continually gravitate toward: basic silhouettes in solid colors. (Maybe a pattern here and there.) While I think that basic tops are a must in any wardrobe (see post here), I think it is important to have several statement pieces as well.

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The more I think about it, I believe that embellished tops belong in every woman's wardrobe. I think it is fun to have a a few pieces that are a little over-the-top. It may be just a few sequins splashed across the shoulders like the Forever 21 tank pictured. Or perhaps it is a little lace. Of course, I am loving that pearl embellished t-shirt! The point is that your wardrobe should be made up of basic, classic pieces, but you should have some fun pieces as well. Don't think that you "can't do sequins" or "can't pull off lace." That is, of course, rubbish.

Have a great Tuesday!


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