F21 blouse, dress, and earrings, Aldo clutch (here), heels from Target, sunglasses (here), Charming Charlie bracelet,
H&M belt (check your local store... only $6!)

My advanced tap class is dancing to Jailhouse Rock this year for their recital dance. I originally picked out an Elvis-type costume (with a cape and everything) with the intention of having them dance to You Should Be Dancing. I know, I know, two totally different eras. But I was having the hardest time coming up with a 70s-appropriate costume. Somehow the Elvis costume (minus the cape) could almost pass for a 70s costume (think white polyester, sequins, and flare pants). I guess the costume designer didn't realize how 70s it really looked. 

I had a change of heart and picked Jailhouse Rock at the last minute. I joked that had I known what song I would have ended up with, then we would have picked out black and white striped costumes instead. Oh well, better luck next time. Maybe I will wear this dress and crash their performance...

Have a great day!


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