Stretch Your Wardrobe

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Lately I have been trying to get as much use out of my wardrobe as possible. That means trying to be creative and wearing things more than once and in different ways. Normally I think of a dress as a stand-alone item but there are actually many ways to change a simple dress.

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Wear a buttoned-up blouse under the dress with only the collar peeking out. Add a blazer in the same color as the blouse to finish the ensemble. The bright colors will look great against a black and white printed dress.

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If your dress isn't too full (or long) a pencil skirt with a peplum or ruffles would be perfect over it. It turns your dress into separates and gives you a whole new look.

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Another great option is just taking a bright blouse and layering it over the dress. Finish off with a classic black blazer for a polished look.

Do you utilize your dresses any of these ways?


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