Two Toned

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Everywhere I look, two-toned items are popping up. Mostly in accessories, the two-toned trend is a great way to bring some interest to your look without having to try. A bag or simply a pair of shoes is all you need to take a simple jeans and blouse look up a notch.

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Of course the two-toned trend is not limited to just shoes and accessories. You can find many dresses, etc., with color blocking already on them. If you are feeling creative, it isn't that difficult to create a two-toned look on your own. I am a huge fan of black and white but lately I have been drawn to bright colors. There isn't much guesswork when it comes to pairing bright colors together. Keep it simple and pair two bright colors together. Be careful about adding too many other bold colors, as you don't want the look to become busy.

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