Must-read book: What French Women Know

Debra Ollivier reveals the secrets to what makes French women so effortlessly stylish and enviably confident.  It is "not giving a damn" attitude instead that runs deep instead of the surface glam that so many American women try to achieve.  They break the rules, and they don't try to be like everyone else.  

"French women don’t need things to fit neatly into a box. Romantic possibilities don’t have to be emotionally tidy or safe. Desire can be of greater import than utility; experience more important than closure."

"French women embrace contradictions. They can simultaneously be feminine and a feminist; sensualist and a traditionalist; classic and libertine; submissive and powerful; compliant and defiant."

"French women do not believe in relationship experts, love gurus, how-to dogma, tools and techniques for finding love.  They are not fond of rules. There is no Doctor Phil in France."

French women love men, but don't bemoan the fact that men do not understand them.   They want to remain a mystery to men.

French women embrace their age and the rich experiences it has brought them.  

This book is on my must-read list.


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