Perfect Trio

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Normally I like to think of accessories as duos instead of trios. I think only in terms of what jewelry will work with my clutch, or what nail color to pair with my outfit of the day. Sometimes it is fun to coordinate your bag, jewelry, and polish together. Of course, most people don't plan their polish in advance so they just work with whatever they already have on their nails (I do that all the time). I put together a few combinations that I think are fun and can hopefully inspire you if you are bored with your current accessory combinations.

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Thank you all so much for your sympathy yesterday after this weekend's computer disaster. We are going to take it to a place in town and see if they can fix it. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Don't forget to get your top three outfits from January together in a post for the link-up on Thursday. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Also, I am on twitter now (okay, I've had a twitter account for a year but I finally decided to try and figure out just recently what all the fuss was about). You can find me at @Amyshaughnessy1.

Have a great day!


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