Lesson Learned

Francesca's blouse, Old Navy blouse, H&M blazer, Seven jeans, Carlos Santana heels,
Steve Madden clutch, belt from TJMaxx

This past weekend was a little busy and rough. As my friend would say, 'holy buckets!' I knew I had a lot to get done this weekend. I needed to plan seven classes for next week (it takes a lot to come up with new, interesting things for my dance classes). I usually spread them out over the weekend, giving myself plenty of time to think about them. Friday though, I decided to hammer them all out in one day. I always email my lesson plans to my husband just in case. I'm so glad I did because my computer crashed and burned on Saturday. I was on a shopping website looking for some things to plan my next post and BAM. Dead computer. I'm not blaming that particular site but let's just say I probably will never go there again.

I think the worst part about my poor dead computer was that nothing had been backed up. External hard drive, people! Get one today. I lost every single bookmark in my bookmarks bar (that is a lot of blogs and important dance links). And I lost five of my seven recital dances that I had typed out. Fortunately I had looked over each one of them Saturday morning before my computer crashed so they were still somewhat fresh in my head.

On a lighter note, I have decided to start a monthly link-up. At the end of each month, I normally do a post with my top three outfits of the month. You can see an example here. The post will always happen on the last day of the month unless the last day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, as I do not post on the weekends. The first Top Three link-up will happen this Thursday. I would love to see your top three looks of the month! A few guidelines for the link-up: You must be a follower of this blog, place a link to this blog in your post, and visit a few other blogs for lots of fashion inspiration!

Have a great day!


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