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When it comes to changes in the weather, sometimes it is difficult to find something to wear. Where I live, sometimes we experience temperatures in the 60s (sometimes 70s) in the winter. On those days, you can't quite wear a sundress but you can't wear multiple layers as well. Mixing spring and winter pieces together is your best bet for those awkward days.

In the first set, the dress is perfect for spring and summer. Throw a chunky knit sweater over it and suddenly you have a sweater and skirt look. I love mixed prints and I love the wide stripes of this sweater paired with the thin stripes in the dress.

Since I loved this sweater so much, I picked the same one, only in another shade, for the second look. These days leather can be worn year-round, as it is no longer considered strictly 'cold weather only' appropriate. However, there is something about leather in winter that just feels right. Keeping some season-appropriate elements (such as leather) and pairing them with others (the chunky knit) makes this outfit feel perfect for those in-between days.

Other options for in-between seasons that I love:
  • A blazer over a sleeveless top
  • Wearing a blazer with shorts and sandals (you can see how I wear this one here)
  • Cropped trousers, pumps, and a thin 3/4 sleeve sweater
What do you wear for in-between weather?


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