A Perfect Match

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It has been a while since I have put together a few outfit sets. I ran across this v-neck long-sleeve shirt while browsing online and thought of how easy a simple piece could be incorporated into outfits. The possibilities are endless but I came up with a dressy version as well as a casual version. Of course the idea of a long sleeve t-shirt lends itself to casual wear but I think with the right pieces and accessories, it can work for the evening as well.

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One of the biggest challenges of styling clothing is taking a piece from winter to summer or vice versa. I know in the past there have been many articles of clothing in my closet that have only seen one season at a time. I think taking summer pieces and making them work for winter is the easy part. (Really, have you tried to make a winter parka work for summer?) By simply adding longer pants and a blazer, a top worn in the summer can be worn in the winter as well. Go check your closet - I bet you have several tops that can be thrown under a blazer or cardigan for a perfect look now.

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