Gotta Dance

These aren't my normal outfit posts but I thought I would post a few pictures of me doing what I do best. (Or what I like to do the most, I should say.) 

These are just a few poses from the dance that I did Saturday night (as well as our costume). I was so proud of my girls that I teach because they danced beautifully. I only did one dance and thought I would be sick after. (I'm WAY out of shape.) They did 4-5 dances and did them all with energy and beauty. I'm so proud of them.

After about fifteen tries, I finally got my grand jete to second. It was hard to capture the moment when both of my legs hit second position at the same time. As my husband showed me each shot he took, I would say, "You aren't taking the picture at the exact moment that my legs are up!" He responded with, "It's because your legs aren't going high enough." Oh. Whoops. So I huffed and puffed and got my 32 year old legs up. It wasn't easy. 


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