Mostly Sunny/Partly Cloudy

One Jumpsuit Done Two Ways

I was looking through some of my favorite websites, trying to decide what my next post would be on when I saw this jumpsuit. I hate to say that it 'jumped' out at me (so cheesy, I know), but it did. I immediately knew that it was a piece that could be styled many ways. For time's sake, I chose two different looks.

The first look (mostly sunny) is styled specifically for the hot, sunny days that are most certainly ahead of us. I really like pairing aviators and a fedora together. They just seem to be a natural match. The scarf adds a little visual interest to the top of the jumpsuit and looks chic with the hat and glasses. The stacking rings are another cool accessory in an all-together cool look. This is a look that is completely 'me' and I would wear it in a heartbeat! (Did I just call myself cool? Because I'm most certainly not! More like, borderline nerd with hopefully decent taste).

The next look (partly cloudy) is probably more appropriate for those cooler, cloudy days that hit in early spring. Just because the weather may be cool and cloudy, doesn't mean your outfit has to be drab! The bright blazer will keep your arms covered and keeps the jumpsuit from looking too summer-like. I really like the floral scarf with the hummingbird bracelet. The bracelet and delicate earrings keep this look pretty and elegant.

I found several different blazers (here and here) that I thought would be appropriate with this second look as well. Take your pick!

Have a great Wednesday!

* For some reason the rings did not show up in the thumbnails. Here is a link to the website where you can purchase them.


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