Shorts 3 Ways

Shorts 3 Ways
I don't know about you, but when I buy an article of clothing, I like options. Now, I don't always know right away what those different options will be, but that is part of the fun of shopping. You purchase a great piece and then bring it home to see how it will work in your closet.

I really liked these shorts and thought they would be fun to build a few outfits around. A pair of shorts has endless possibilities. The three looks I put together are definitely great for spring before the super hot weather sets in. For the two blazer options, just pair a basic t-shirt under them. Adding a blazer will break up the casual look and leave you looking crisp and polished. And in the summer? Ditch the blazers and throw on some statement jewelry (or a scarf if you don't live in Louisiana like I do) to dress the t-shirt up. As I said, the possibilities are endless.

Miss Selfridge shell top
$61 -

Cropped jacket
$110 -

Jacquard jacket
$150 -

Topshop metallic shorts
$60 -

Forever 21 lace up oxford
$25 -

Zara shoes
$80 -

Leather bag
$116 -

Miss Selfridge snakeskin handbag
$38 -

Metal jewelry
$28 -

Metal jewelry
$28 -

Chunky jewelry
$28 -

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
$18 -

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$68 -


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