I Love the Flower Girl - Part 3

Today is the last day in my floral trend series. Just to show you how popular the trend is: half of the pictures I saved for this trend series were sold out by the time I was ready to publish each post. Of course, the selection of floral print garments is vast so you should have plenty to choose from should you decide to purchase any.

It seems that I have been including my favorite items at the beginning of each collection. I really love this first long sleeve pink blouse. I think this blouse would look great with a pair of shorts and sandals (you pick your favorite height. I think flats, wedges, or heels would all look stellar with shorts). Fifteen years ago I would have freaked at the idea of wearing a long sleeve shirt with shorts. (I was in high school then so I was pretty much self-conscious about a lot of things). To me, long sleeve shirts were synonymous with winter (as shorts were with summer), so I would have never imagined mixing the two. These days I will try just about anything (except perhaps a dress made of meat; you can leave that to Lady Gaga).

I included a few pairs of floral stud earrings at the end of this collection for those of you who want to try the floral trend but want to do so in a small way. The earrings are delicate and will definitely add a touch of femininity  to your look without being over the top.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead!


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