Casual Shorts

Casual Shorts

I don't know about you, but for me, the weekend usually means dressing comfortably. Now just because you want to be comfortable doesn't mean that you can't look put-together and cute at the same time. These two looks have a 't-shirt and shorts' kind of feel but slightly elevated. Taking a basic striped shirt and pairing it with a scalloped-edge short keeps the first outfit feminine. Adding a bright pop of color with the earring is acknowledging the color trend without going overboard.

I love the second look (as much as I love the first). The pleated blouse can definitely be dressed up or down. Pairing it with a pair of floral shorts keeps the look casual. Of course, wearing flat shoes (with both looks) seems somewhat necessary for a busy girl on the go.

If I am going to be running errands, I usually do so on the weekends when I can go by myself. That means I am usually hitting up several places at once. I can definitely see myself wearing both of these looks. For once I cannot decide which look I like best!


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