Yesterday afternoon I decided to clean out my jewelry drawer. (Okay, that's a lie. I was actually getting ready to go shopping so I quickly opened my drawer for a necklace when I got distracted by the jumbled mess that is my jewelry.) Seeing the mess, I then decided to clear out the broken and unused stuff. The above picture is a necklace that has sat broken and forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. It could have been easily fixed but I decided that since I have two small children, wearing a long necklace is no longer in my best interest these days.

With a bowl of ice cream as my companion, I decided to get crafty. All I used was a pair of needle-nose pliers and two earring hooks to create new pieces from this single strand.

Used the lobster clasp from the necklace to fasten the bracelet.

Several of the rings just happened to fit my ring finger.

My favorite piece!
It was so much fun taking something unused and turning it into three new pieces that will be worn frequently. I made a pile of other unused jewelry that I can't wait to remake. I will be sure to post pictures when I do!


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