Weekend Getaway - Part 1

Weekend Getaway

The beautiful spring weather (and my desperate desire to take a mini vacation) had me thinking about a trip I took to Maine one summer. I visited a small coastal town and fell in love with it. I remember strolling down the quaint downtown streets and taking in the sights and smells of a seafaring village. I don't live near water (unless you count the alligator-infested lakes) so seeing the sailboats sprinkled out in the water was a new but welcome sight to me.

I put together this look because I think it would be appropriate for a day of shopping and sightseeing (hence the title). Maybe the navy and white striped dress is too cliche (nautical-themed wardrobe for a nautical town) but I still love it. Keeping the jewelry and shoes simple are perfect for a day of walking around. The large tote bag will be perfect for storing all of the treasures you pick up along the way. Adding a bright yellow sweater will keep your look cheerful should the weather decide to turn chilly.

After the first segment of this series, I am ready to take a vacation!


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