Vegas Baby!

Vegas Baby!
I am taking a trip (a much needed one) to Vegas in a few weeks, and I simply cannot wait! This will be the first trip that my husband and I have been on (alone) in over a year. Sometimes you just need to get away, you know what I mean?

I chose two looks that I think would be perfect for a Vegas getaway. The first look is chic and comfortable (a must for serious shopping). Somehow the breezy look of the pants just works for walking up and down the Vegas strip. A wedge shoe is much more practical than a heel for hitting the pavement. The large tote is perfect for fitting all of your essentials (wallet, camera, water bottle, etc). I like to be prepared when I go shopping and don't want to go back to the hotel for anything.

The second look is perfect for dinner, shopping, and maybe stopping at a video blackjack machine here and there. The sequins seem like they are a natural fit for Vegas so don't worry about looking over-the-top. Over-the-top is a must in Vegas! I also threw in the little question mark ring for fun. It seemed like a perfect accessory for playing a slot machine or two.

Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!

Topshop sleeveless dress
$360 -

$72 -

Topshop printed pants
$90 -

Pointy pumps
$100 -

Polka dot tote
$72 -

Metal jewelry
$28 -

Stud earrings
$10 -

$12 -

Topshop snake jewelry
$30 -

WALTON Bleach Wood Wedges
$100 -


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